Frequently Asked Questions


Are the Visium Spatial Tissue Optimization or Gene Expression slides re-usable if not all sections are used?

Can I modify the Visium for fresh-frozen Spatial Gene Expression solution to be targeted?

Can I run different tissue types on a single Visium Spatial Gene Expression Slide for the Visium for fresh-frozen assay?

Can I use different permeabilization time points on a single Visium Gene Expression slide?

Can I use the Visium Spatial Slide Reset Demonstrated Protocol to practice section placement for Visium?

Sample Preparation

Are fresh-frozen tissues containing bone compatible with Visium Spatial Gene Expression?

Can I perform both Single Cell Gene Expression and Visium Spatial Gene Expression experiments on my OCT-embedded tissue block?

Can OCT affect bulk RNA extraction and RIN assessment?

How can I more easily visualize the fiducial frame during tissue section placement?

Can I section from the same tissue block across multiple days?

Can OCT cover the Fiducial Frame or extend outside the capture area?